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  • 3 August 2023

    Multispecies Conference 2023

    We are living in a multispecies world. Although the world is constantly changing, this change has accelerated extraordinarily in recent years, bringing forth substantial and manifold crises.
    An interdisciplinary, hybrid conference organized by the chair of european ethnology.
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What Is The MEAM Network ?


The Multispecies Ethnography and Artistic Methods (MEAM) Network are for all scholars and artists working with multispecies and more-than-human relations through ethnographic and artistic methodologies. We are a diverse group from a range of disciplines, countries and backgrounds and we come together here to share our overlapping interests and to explore and discover new avenues and collaborations.

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The MEAM Network aims to connect artistic ethnographers from all corners of the globe and to inspire developments of theory, methods and cooperations.

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“Multispecies collaboration implies finding shared analytical concepts”

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